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The female figurines are about 20 cm long. They were originally inspired by life drawing and they complement my vessel work..
Semi abstract, the figurines are intuitively pinched, squeezed and partly modeled, suggesting movement, posture, natural form and femininity.

Lady on a blue mat- back view. £300
ceramic on beach found tile fragment
A small figurine, wearing a gold leaf bangle, sitting on a washed down ceramic tile, found on a beach
ceramic, beach found ceramic tile, gold leaf
H11cmX 17cmX13cm
Lady on a blue mat. £300
ceramic on beach found tile fragment
On The Edge Figurine- £300
ceramic on wooden cube
H22cmx14cmx9.5cm- figurine on cube
Toxic Lady-£300
ceramic on found varnished asbestos
H13cmx 26cmx13cm- full piece
Thames Beach Lady 1 -£250
ceramics on found brick
figurine length approx 15cm
Thames Beach Lady 1- back view
ceramics on found brick
Thames Beach Lady2 -£250
ceramics on found brick
Reclining figurine front view
H8.5cmx15cmx6cm (figurine)
A dark sitting figurine
H10cmx14cmx8cm (figurine only)