My ceramic work is inspired by natural forms and textures: trees, rocks, shells, the human figure, weathered and effaced surfaces, ancient pottery and glass, and the fusion of traces of human activity with nature.

I work in an intuitive and experimental way, treading a fine line between being in control of my material and allowing the unexpected to happen.

I see my work as a personal journey exploring identity, connecting to roots and expressing the process of growth, evolution and the layering that makes up a whole.

I make one off and family groups of sculptural vessels, plates, female figurines and wall pieces.

My techniques include throwing, stretching, tearing and reconstructing, rolling, imprinting, coiling, pinching, and modelling.
I use oxides, stains, slips and glazes, applied at various stages as washes, or partly rubbed off, to enhance clay features, textures and lines.

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Ruty Benjamini Ceramic Art